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The following programs are currently active...

  • Youth Program: YAE!!

    This acronym stands for the Young Ambassador Exchange; the two exclamation points represent our two sister cities Siófok and Noceto. This program sends Walnut Creek 8th grade students over to our sister cities each year to participate in a 10 day exchange. Each student is paired with a student in the sister city they are visiting.

    This, however, is really a family exchange, because the paring is done on a family basis and after our students have visited their foreign family, the student of that family will come here to visit Walnut Creek for 10 days. Usually the American students go to Italy and Hungary in October of each year, the Italians and Hungarians then visit us in April of the following year.

    Selection for the program begins early in the year with students selected and paired with their foreign student/family by April or May. The cost of the program to each student is established during this process. Some financial assistance is also available when necessary.

    Highlights of the program this year:

    • We are eagerly awaiting the next visit of foreign students here on April 2017! 
      Master Itinerary for host week (April 2017)
    • We are now accepting applications from Walnut Creek Students to participate in next year's (2017 - 2018) round of exchanges! Click Here to Download
      • Download a flyer on this program by Click here to download
      • If you have questions, comments, would like to be involved in this program, or wish to apply to be considered for an ambassadorship, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Fran Doggett and Paige Lloyd).
  • YAE!! Past Activities

    • Want to see what it is all about? Watch this 3 minute video of our students from the 2013 exchange with Siófok Hungary!
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